Switching From Cigarettes Can Improve Your Relationships

Switching From Cigarettes Can Improve Your Relationships

Between dating, going to work, and spending time with friends and family, smoking can have a significant negative impact on your relationships. The social stigma surrounding it has only grown over the past couple of years, and enveloping your peers and loved ones in smoke just won’t fly anymore. Here’s why it’s time to go smoke-free.

Become Mr. or Ms. Popular Again

Putting the cig down for good has been linked to a better sense of well-being and personal satisfaction, which in itself is a good ground for building (and re-building) relationships with friends, family, coworkers, and other important people in our lives. At the same time, quitting smoking reduces worry about how your habit might affect their own well-being.

Even switching to smoke-free alternatives like vapes or nicotine pouches can change your interpersonal relationships for the better, studies say.

According to a survey conducted by the Unsmoke initiative, going smoke-free helped improve the social lives of 45% of respondents, with almost 50% claiming they now “enjoy better relationships with family and friends”. 

Nobody Likes the Smell

Data shows that most smokers are aware, to some extent, of the cigarette odour bothering others. Many cite not being too keen on the smell themselves but accepting it as an inevitable part of the ritual. The good news is that with the rise of smoke-free alternatives, you can keep your ritual while getting rid of the unpleasant smell – and the stigma that comes with it.

The Risks of Second-Hand Smoke

A cocktail of more than 4,000 irritants, toxins and cancer-causing substances, cigarette smoke can linger in the air for 2–3 hours after finishing your cigarette, warns the NHS. No wonder non-smokers pass judgment on smokers and might avoid spending time with them. Passive smoking may pose a serious threat to others’ health, and the social stigma surrounding combustible cigarettes is a logical result of that.

What If Your Partner Is a Non-Smoker?

Then the risk of jeopardising your relationship becomes even greater. According to Unsmoke, a large portion of non-smokers have seriously considered leaving their partner because of smoking. 77% of respondents to Unsmoke's survey hated the cigarette smell on their partner, 59% were bothered by the odour in their home, and worrying about their own and their partner's health was a critical factor, too. At the same time, a non-smoking partner’s support has been proven to be a huge motivator when quitting smoking.

Let's Go Smoke-Free!

Whether you’re dating a non-smoker or fellow smoker, whether you’re a parent or a serial singleton with a vibrant social life, quitting can be a life-changing choice. An improved social life will follow a smoke-free life.